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What is revitalizant for my car?

What is the thickness of the metal-ceramic coating formed as a result of revitalization?

Is there a risk of metal-ceramic layer growing in excess? Can it cause the engine to seize up?

A superhard coating is formed as a result of the revitalizant’s application. Can the engine be rebored, if necessary?

What if the metal-ceramic layer peels off in operation?

I’ve heard that aftermarket additives are clogging up filters...

I am going to apply revitalizant to my new car, but it is under the warranty…

What is implied under the protection guarantee for 100,000 km (62,000 miles) of run?

When is it best to start the application of the revitalizant?

What happens to the honing by revitalizant’s application?

Can I drive without oil if I use revitalizant?

How long does the revitalizant’s effect last?

What kind of oil is the best for treatment: old or new, synthetic or mineral?

I am the second owner; I have no idea what kind of oil was used in the engine. Can I use XADO products?

Won’t the additive settle in the bottom of the oil pan and lose its efficiency if the car is not used for a long period of time?

While idling, the oil pressure indicator blinks. Will the revitalizant help?

Will the revitalizant help in case of increased oil consumption?

How can fuel economy be reached?

While undergoing maintenance, there is a high measurement of toxicity in exhaust gases in my car. Will the revitalizant help?

How will I feel the effect of the revitalizant on my car?

Will revitalization help any engine?

When is it recommended to use the revitalizant for cylinders? Is there a revitalizant to treat the whole engine?

Should the treatment of the diesel engine and fuel outfits be done separately or simultaneously?

Does the revitalizant damage the turbine?

I have the “Common Rail” injection system, diesel engine CRDi. Has revitalizant been tested for use in these engines?

If the box is droning, will the revitalizant help?

How can gear shifting precision be improved?

What gel should be used when modern robotized gearboxes stand between the mechanical and automatic gearboxes?

What should be applied for the mechanical gearbox with the liquid for the automatic gearboxes?

Will the revitalizant harm the performance of friction clutches in self-locking differentials?

The automatic gearboxes (CVT) with the V-belt variable speed drive unit differ in their capriciousness. Will the revitalizant help?

My scooter has separate oiling system. Where should I squeeze the gel – in the oil or in fuel?

The bearing is droning. What kind of revitalizant should be applied?

What is the difference between the 1 Stage revitalizant and the usual engine gel?

What should I choose for the treatment: the package with 3 tubes, 1 Stage revitalizant or Metal Conditioner Maximum with the revitalizant?

Doesn’t good synthetic oil already contains all necessary additives?

Do car manufacturers recommend the use of the additional additives?

What does the RF mark mean?

Is the revitalizant toxic?


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