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Does Your Turbocharged Engine Have Issues?

A vehicle will only operate at a high performance if its adequately maintained. The following conditions can affect a turbocharged engine by leading to the turbocharger taking in less oil and building up contaminants:

  • Low-quality oil
  • Incorrect vehicle operation
  • Engine overheating
  • Untimely oil changes


Turbo systems consist of parts that spin at high speeds, which require a consistent supply of quality oil, pressure, and intense heat to lubricate the compression valve, and intake and outlet fans to reduce wear and tear.


Reasons / Recommendations

  1. Reduced oil intake in a turbine is likely due to worn-out bearings of turbocharger supports and seals (rings). Luckily, this issue can be solved by applying XADO's Engine Revitalizant and Stop Leak Engines to restore your engine components and prevent future seal failure.


The restoration effect can be observed on the sliding bearings of a turbocharger (restoration of initial clearances in case of non-critical wear). The compound will not impact the impeller or turbine blade.


  1. Due to low-quality oil, contamination of the oil system can also lead to worn-out bearings and turbine support members.  To solve this issue, use XADO products to perform the following tasks:
  • Before treatment, use Revitalizant® to flush the engine oil system with Vita Flush Oil system cleaner.
  • Change the oil and replace the oil filter.
  • Apply Revitalizant® to stop the leak in the engine

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