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Engine overheating may occur in almost any car. This problem is especially relevant nowadays, when the temperature rises and traffic jams occur. Overheating may lead to deformation of the cylinder head or piston “tacking” in the cylinder. 

Let’s find out where the issue is coming from by reviewing the areas mentioned below. 

1.The coolant levels  

Insufficient quantity of coolant in the cooling system, as a result of depressurization of the cooling system due to leakage in connection hoses, gaskets, cracks in the radiator. 
In order to eliminate cracks and defects up to 0.9 mm in diameter, use Atomex Stop leak radiator. 


2. Issues with the radiator cooling properly  

Low efficiency of the radiator cooling due to outside (dust, poplar seed tufts etc.) and inside (dirt, slag deposits in the radiator core, near the fan sensor, large quantity of deposits in the cavities of the cooling system elements) contaminations of the radiator, as well as due to slackening of the fan or pump drive belt. 
For cleaning of the surface contaminations use VERYLUBE Engine compartment cleaner. 
In order to increase the service life expectancy and reduce wear of the fan or pump drive belts, treat them with VERYLUBE Belt reconditioner. 


3. A gasoline engine may be continuously operating 

 Continuous operation of a gasoline engine by detonation, preignition due to the low-quality fuel, contamination of injectors, or large amount of deposits in the combustion chamber. 
To eliminate the results of using low-quality fuel and improve the fuel properties, add the following products into the fuel: 


 4.The injectors 

 To restore normal operation of injectors and clean them, add one of the following product into the fuel: 


 5. Remove carbon deposits  

In order to remove significant carbon deposits, it is recommended to use VERYLUBE Anticarbon - anti-carbon engine cleaner. These quick-action products for decarbonizing stuck piston rings of gasoline and diesel engines are introduced directly into the engine cylinder. 


6. High oil filter resistance 

 If the pressure decreases due to high oil filter resistance, a recommended make of oil filter should be installed. 


7. Operation conditions 

 Difficult operation conditions, towing mode with low speeds. 


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