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Hard shifting transmission? Try this

Even though automatic transmissions are super simple to use for almost all drivers, they are part of a highly complex mechanism to achieve this ease for the driver. Transmission repairs are costly and risky, as the complexity of this system makes it difficult to work with even for the most experienced mechanics.

All transmissions, whether manual or automatic, work with shifting gears in constant contact with each other, which causes the gears’ sprocket contact surfaces to wear out. This can be true especially in high-mileage vehicles, as the gears have grinded against each other for an extended period.

Let’s look at some common causes and respective recommendations for a hard shifting automatic transmission.

  1. Wear or breakdown of gear shifting parts

If parts are highly worn or break down, the only solution at this point is a replacement of parts. To avoid this point of no-turning-back, proper transmission care is very important.

  1. Gear wear-out

When a transmission starts wearing out, gear shifting problems are some of the first and more common indicators. Applying Revitalizant® to the transmission will reduce friction in contact surfaces and reduce the wear, giving the transmission more longevity especially when wear rate is at a critical point.

  1. Gear shifting mechanism requires adjustment

After seeing an experienced mechanic, they’ll determine if your vehicle requires replacement or merely an adjustment of transmission components. 

  1. Oil leakage or low oil level

Check your transmission hoses and pipes for a leakage, as this liquid is fundamental for the proper function of transmission parts. If no leaks are identified, make sure the vehicle has sufficient transmission oil. 


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