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Have a manual transmission? Listen for this noise

Hearing a transmission noise in your used car? 

If the noise in manual transmission is still heard when depressing clutch with operating engine and neutral gear, then the clutch release bearing needs to be replaced. If the noise level has decreased, then the problem might be in wear of the operating surfaces of gears and bearings. 

Applying Revitalizant ® allows restoring worn out surfaces which will decrease the noise level in the gearbox. 

Hearing a transmission noise in your new car? 

A specific feature of some gearboxes is that they initially produce some noise when operating. In some cases this noise goes away with time, when the transmission parts break in. If the noise remains the same, then the probable reason for that may be gears’ tooth changeover because of not precise manufacturing of tooth gears or valves. When engaging, the gear’s teeth move very tightly, become deformed and produce noise. 

When the tooth changeover rate is not high then application of Revitalizant® for gearboxes will be an effective way to decrease noise. 

Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum for Manual Transmission

 Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum for Manual Transmission



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