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How to guarentee longevity for your new car

A new car is an asset that you want to preserve for as long as possible to get the most value from the investment made.

Fortunately, with proper care and tools made available by new technologies, extending the service life of a new vehicle is possible for any owner.

Operation of a new car starts with the run-in period. Any engaging parts, regardless of what type of technology was used during manufacturing, need to be adjusted or ground for an initial period for they to settle and work together properly; this is referred to as the run-in period.

Further longevity of the car largely depends on the thoroughness of the run-in period. Ignoring this period can be risky and compromise the service life of the car. When high-precision movable elements operate with increased loads that are outside the range of its most efficiency, the service life expectancy can decrease significantly. In fact, our experience shows that the service life of a badly run engine equals just 30% of that of a correctly adjusted car.

In that sense, anti-wear protection of a new engine is important to maintain the value and efficiency of the vehicle for the long term. You can achieve this protection by adding Atomic Metal Conditioner New Car with 1 Stage Revitalizant® to the motor oil, which will guarantee protection and precise adjustments of parts during the run-in period.


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