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Increased Oil Consumption

Increased oil consumption can occur for several reasons, including stuck piston rings wear on the cylinder-piston group, or more rarely, contamination of the crankcase ventilation system.

Reasons / Recommendations

  1. The stiffness in piston rings is usually caused by coked oil in the grooves of the piston, which is a result of engine overheating. However, sticking may occur even during regular operation if the engine has been operating on low-quality oil or fuel for a prolonged time.  The build-up of carbon deposits decreases the mobility of piston rings, thus damaging the seal in the cylinder-piston group, which lets oil out. The coils must be cleaned with a decarbonizer containing a solvent and softening high-temperature lacquer deposits, then removed from the cylinder-piston group.
  • Increased wear in the friction pair "cylinder wall to piston ring" leads to deterioration of the seal on the cylinder-piston group, resulting in increased oil consumption. The wear can be eliminated with the help of XADO's Revitalizant®. The Revitalizant®  optimizes clearances in the cylinder-piston group and, as a result, normalizes the oil consumption.
  • Contaminated crankcase ventilation system.
  • If the crankcase ventilation system malfunctions, the pressure will increase, leading to increased oil consumption.  Therefore, the system needs to be cleaned by mechanically disassembling the engine or applying Vita Flush − oil system cleaner due to its enhanced washing properties of engine oils.

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