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Low-Quiality Fuel Causing Engine Malfunction

Can you damage the engine of your vehicle with just a few liters of low-quality gasoline?  Absolutely

As it turns out, acceleration or ignition failures aren't the worst things that can happen to your vehicle. The intake of low-quality fuel can result in stuck piston rings, bent valves,plugged oil pump suction manifolds, and other potential damages.

Reasons / Recommendations

Hazardous fuel contains tars, unsaturated hydrocarbons, benzene, xylene, and toluene, which combust entirely in the engine, forming contaminants. The contaminants then get into the crankcase and quickly destroy additives in the motor oil, making the consistency unsuitable for engine operation. The fuel lubricates the engine at high temperatures and immediately destroys it at low temperatures, which is why just one tank of low-quality fuel can ruin your engine. Negative consequences can be reduced by increasing detergent and other properties of fuel by adding special additives before fueling.  Additives provide complete combustion with minor tar contaminants that act as a solvent and prevent coagulation. When low-quality fuel gets into the engine, it is necessary to clean the fuel and oil systems of the engine and change the oil.


  • To reduce the negative consequences of fuelling with low-quality fuel, you can use:

MultiCleaner (Gasoline) – fuel system cleaner for gasoline engine

  • To clean the oil system, use:

XADO Vita Flush or Atomex Total Flush or Very lube.

  • To clean the fuel system, use:

Very lube Fuel system cleaner for gasoline/diesel engines.


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