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What your car's difficult start is telling you

Many factors can come into play when it comes to a difficult start of the engine, especially in the winter. The most common reasons are bad combustibility of fuel-air mixture and/or difficult cranking of engine with starter.

Combustibility is the tendency of a substance – in this case the fuel-air mixture – to burn because of fire or a chemical reaction. Flammable substances ignite more easily, while combustible substances require a little help, explaining why your car may have difficulty starting.

On the other hand, when the problem is in the starter itself, the connection with the engine may be severed or malfunctioning, which could also cause a difficult start.

The most important part is to get your vehicle checked by an expert and properly assessed, but until that reason is found, precautions are necessary to avoid long-term damage to the vehicle or any of its parts. The XADO Universal Penetrating Lubricant spray is an excellent alternative for these cases. The agent contains combustibility-promoting components that will mitigate the problem until a solution is found.

To start your engine, spray a small amount of the agent into the air filter or into the air intake collector.


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