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Anticarbon - anti-carbon engine cleaner

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Cleaning piston rings from carbon Fast-acting product designed to remove carbon contaminations and restore stuck piston rings of gasoline and diesel engines. Removes all...

1 Stage Engine Revitalizant for gasoline and diesel engine

$60.00 $54.45
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ADO 1 Stage Engine Revitalizant is a 1-step engine treatment that rebuilds metal and protects worn metal from future wear. One 27ml bottle contains enough...

Revitalizant for Gearbox

All car Revitalizants sedan-transmission suv SUV-transmission Transmission
Revitalizant EX120 for gearboxes. Reducer additive (box additive). Reinforced revitalizant. Designed for wear protection and refurbishment of mechanical transmission units. During the processing of mechanical transmission units,...

Revitalizant EX120 for power steering booster

$30.00 $29.95
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The product is designed to protect against wear, restore and repair a power steering booster and other hydraulic equipment. Due to its by 20%...

Atomex Multi Cleaner (Gasoline)

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HIGH PERFORMANCE FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER FOR GASOLINE ENGINE. Cleans fuel system up to the level of technical purity. Offers perfect alternative to a bench...

Revitalizant EX120 for fuel equipment

$30.00 $29.95
All car Fuel System Home page Revitalizants sedan-fuel system suv SUV-fuel system
The product is designed to protect from wear and to provide restoring repair of all types of fuel equipment of gasoline and diesel engines....

Revitalizant EX120 for Power Steering and Hydraulic Equipment

All car Home page Power Steering Revitalizants sedan-power steering suv SUV-Power steering
Revitalizant EX120 for power steering and hydraulic equipment. Reinforced revitalizant. Designed for refurbishment and wear protection of the power steering and other hydraulic equipment. During the...

VERYLUBE Penetrating lubricant ANY WAY

All Lubricants
Universal penetrating spray lubricant for different mechanisms. Contains revitalizant It is designed for all types of units and mechanisms, weapon, sundry and equipment. It...

Revitalizant EX120 for all types of fuel equipment and injection systems

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Revitalizant EX120 for all types of fuel equipment and fuel injection systems. Reinforced revitalizant. Designed for wear protection and refurbishment of all types of fuel...

Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum for Manual Transmission

$50.00 $40.45
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Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum Transmission with 1 Stage Revitalizant is an innovative 2-component product specially formulated for treating manual transmission system directly during its...

Atomex Sealer Transmission

All car cleaner/sealer sedan-transmission suv SUV-transmission Transmission Truck Truck-Transmission
Stop-leak transmission. Oil additive for mechanical transmissions. Highly efficient agent of the latest generation for elimination of leakages in transmission units of cars. Contains...

1 Stage Magnum Revitalizant for diesel engine

All Engine Revitalizants Truck Truck-Engine
Gel-revitalizant for heavy-loaded diesel engines of trucks. It is designed for restoring repair of an engine and active protection directly during its operation. Innovative...
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Customers Reviews


XADO 1 Stage Maximum atomic metal conditioner (Bottle, 225 ml)

Its a miraculous product for any engine.


This is an excellent product you can literally hear the engine sound quitening as you run your car after putting it in. My car runs more smoothly too. I am very pleased to say communication with the company was really good after the delivery company lost my parcel, they have sorted it out. Many thanks. I will buy again when needed.


XADO Highway Atomic Metal Conditioner - Engine Oil Additive & Motor Treatment


César García Millán

Es un buen producto, no hace milagros, en mi caso el motor se tragó una pequeña arandela por la admisión y por lo visto fastidio algo, al poner el Xado se notó el motor más fino, no tira tanto humo pero como ya digo, los milagros no existen,pero es un buen producto,ahhh me llegó con un regalo de grasa en spray Xado. 👍

High Speed Gear®


nettoyage du système d'huile


Dieses Produkt ist absolut geil. Die Reinigungswirkung im Motor ist überragend. Ich habe den Reiniger 300km im Motor belassen und das was mit dem Öl raus kam war absolut erschreckend. Ich rate dazu nach dem reinigen mit Xado ein günstiges Spülöl zu kaufen und zwei weitere Ölwechsel zu vollziehen bevor mach das frische Öl einfüllt.


Atomex Total Chasse (Ballon 250 ml)

XADO works!! Used it for 8 years!

Race Car Builder, Lover, Driver..

I have used Xado in 2 different vehicles a BMW 545i with 103,00 miles on it and a manual trans.. engine was like all bmws full of carbon and stained inside. Sluggish, down on cylinder balance. I installed xado and ran it 250 miles driving normal to work. Full throttle pulls some. Changed oil when I had time, the difference inside the engine from before until then was amazing.


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