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Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum with 1 Stage Revitalizant for SUV
Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum with 1 Stage Revitalizant for SUV
Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum with 1 Stage Revitalizant for SUV
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Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum with 1 Stage Revitalizant for SUV

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Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum with 1 Stage Revitalizant for SUV

Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum with 1 Stage Revitalizant is an innovative 3-component product specially formulated for treating vital engine parts in cars with oil system capacity up to 5 qt. Due to Revitalizant the product reduces friction, rebuilds worn metal in engine parts and creates protective coating against future wear, thus providing tools-free restoration and anti-wear protection. Product application prolongs the life of your engine and allows avoiding expensive repairs in the future. One treatment lasts for 60,000 miles!

  • Rebuilds worn engine metal and reverses metal wear
  • Increases power and acceleration
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Increases engine cylinders’ compression
  • Decreases noise and vibrations
  • Restores lost oil pressure up to nominal level
  • Protects metal parts from overheating and overloading
  • Improves oil lubricating properties and tribological characteristics of engine parts
  • Increases engine service life
  • Reduce exhaust emissions toxicity (CO2, CO, HC)
  • One treatment lasts for 60,000 miles


Make sure the automobile engine is warmed up to normal operating temperature. Turn off the vehicle. Shake the bottle for one minute and ensure it is at room temperature so that contents flow freely. Pour the contents into the engine oil reservoir. Start the car and let the engine idle for five minutes. Then drive as you normally would. It takes 600 to 900 miles to complete the Revitalization cycle, during which changing oil is NOT recommended.

Granules of Revitalizant completely dissolve in motor oil at normal operating temperature.

1 Bottle (225 ml) is enough for engine with an oil capacity of 5 qt. Larger vehicles with higher oil capacities may require more.


  • Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum with 1 Stage Revitalizant works in all gasoline-powered, natural-gas and diesel engines of passenger cars and trucks and 4-stroke motorcycles with oil system up to 5 Quarts
  • Can be combined with all types of motor oils, from full synthetic to mineral oils
  • It takes 600 to 900 miles to complete the Revitalization cycle, during which changing oil is NOT recommended
  • Repeated application of Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum is recommended after 60,000 miles
  • For the highest level of protection for your vehicle’s engine use XADO Atomic Oil or Atomic Metal Conditioner HighWay during each oil change in the future. AMC Highway contains 5.5% (RF5.5) of the active ingredient necessary for 1 complete revitalization cycle
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While the claims on this site (through our tests results and testimonials) are accurate, verifiable and typical, individual results may vary depending on proper application, the age, model, and mechanical state of the devise. Some results may very based on user techniques and conditions, such as extreme or rough driving or use.

XADO has been extensively tested on a wide variety of vehicles and mechanical devises without damage to any assembly. Should you realise any damage from proper use of this product, please contact XADO Canada immediately on 1.888.770.9236.

XADO's liability is limited to proper use of the product and excludes improper installation and damage that existed prior to application. Please follow all directions carefully.

If you have any questions, please call us on 1.888.770.9236.

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Customer Reviews
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XADO! The Liquid "Fixer-Upper"

I know these things aren't supposed to really work, but XADO certainly does. I've bought two used Lexus autos in the last two years, both with more than 100,000 miles on them. Both engines were noisy and had a sticking lifter or two. I've put the Stage 1 Maximum in both engines. Both are already smooth and quiet. One now has 20K and the other with 5K on the XADO. Even my fussy mechanic can tell the difference. Both now run like now. More power to the ground, better acceleration, mileage is slowly going up and I'll bet the reliability factor is better too! I have now added the auto trans. supplement, and the gear lube, and power steering conditioner. All work much better and quieter!

Saved my Crown Vic

I had a bad rod (previous owner drove it with little oil, thus warping one rod). I bought a new engine, but before I could afford to put the motor in I bought Xado and it ran very well - good enough to last 6 months until I got the engine installed. You should’ve heard it before I added this stuff: sounded like it was gonna blow anytime!

A must for every car.

I have to admit, I had my doubts when I bought this product. Having tried all the other additives from the more established brands, I kept my expectations modest for me not to frustrate myself from purchasing a high priced additive. I followed the instructions and never felt any difference after the idle which some said it will be felt immediately. I drove the car for 30miles and then gradually noticed the improvement. The engine noise is still the same but I can tell that the roar is more refined and the power transfer is way more seamless. Vibration was also considerably lessened and the overall ride experience has improved. I can tell that the engine is way more responsive. Even my girlfriend who is not a keen observer noticed the difference and asked me if I did major repairs or tuneup with the car. My car is a nissan maxima with 140k miles on it. After treating it with xado, its performance has been the best ever since I acquired it.

My engine digs it!

I used this stuff (half one day, half 2 days later) on my beloved 1985 BMW 325e that has over a quarter million freeway miles. Me olde M20 Eta runs LiquiMoly 10w60 and typically consumes 1 quart every 3000 miles. I have about 1000 so far on this Xado product and my engine is still full of oil. Within 300 miles I had noticed a significant boost to part-throttle pep while passing. Definitely not imagining it, I drive this little 125hp car (with 2.79 gears) a lot, and Eta engine characteristics require an Eta driving style. It feels woken up a bit, especially against heavy winds I encounter, and the mechanical-lifter inline 6 from way back isn't quite as clacky as it was. So far I'm impressed. My old loose engine might like a second treatment, we'll see how it goes til next oil change (8-10K intervals).


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